Friday, 11 January 2013

Restart = Reboot = Rethink!

Well a very happy 2013 to ALL!

I am writing this blog in the wee hours of the morning after finishing work as I felt the need to share lol

Firstly sod 'resolutions' THEY DO NOT WORK. Instead I am aiming for goals, small/mini, and yet reachable, goals. Resolutions only sum up the year as a whole : for example: I want to lose weight, I want a new job, I want to increase muscle, I want better finances??? The list could go on but all this does is open a can of worms into a vacuum void that sucks up all the energy and time you can spare just worrying about the end result .... Reaching your resolution.

So I have MANY mini goals this year (first time I have set 'goals' may I add! As last year I tried the dirty word version (resolution) and it went not so great.

At last count I was up to 20 goals with more to go on as I decided 'no more pussy footing around' I am going to do the best I can to achieve what I want and hopefully help even 1 person to realise what they deserve. So I have added mini goals to spend more time expanding the Facebook like page and learning more about fitness and nutrition (courses etc)

The sky really is the limit - and NOT the limit of a word!

The best part of all is that your goals are your own - they aren't generic - they are yours which makes them special and just for you. Because they are.

Sadly over the past 5 weeks my running training has been on hold/pause as I caught the norovirus..... TWICE!!!

Any who have had this know just how exhausting it is and how by the time it is out of your system there is NOTHING left in you in terms of energy/stamina/appetite. Well I am at the tail end of this second bout of the virus and I KNOW I have to get back out running ( my first 10k is in 8 days) but it really is true ..... It is so much harder getting started than it is to continue.

All that effort to get up and know that it will hurt and it will burn and you will be in pain at first AND it will take time to subside but that eventually you will be I the rhythm of it all is almost as knackering as getting it done lol

It is that push to get you through the proverbial starting wall, to shake off those heavy chains from your shoulders, that will define you. Not to anyone else but to yourself.

I know I will get up tomorrow and dread getting out of my warm bed into the cold air and putting on my ninja gear .... But doing just that will define me and I will be able to hold my head high knowing that the start may be the hardest but the pain of quitting is harder to deal with (virus or no virus) :-)

Anyway that's enough from me ;-)

Good night deep dark Internet void ;-) and fellow ninjas of course hehe xxx

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  1. Did you make it to the 10K after being sick for so long? Sounds painful!